Horarios de atención: Lunes a viernes, 10:00 – 14:00 hrs.


Join with Us! Need your heartful help

We want to save lives at some of your favorite concerts, festivals and events. A gift from you will allow us to:

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Membership Requirements:

  • Recruit volunteers from our corporate partners
  • Match volunteers to the specific skills you need
  • Automatically send documents to potential volunteers
  • Manage your photos and videos
  • Track and report opportunity metrics

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    Call Us Today At 1-800-500-7600 We are available to help 24 hours.

    ♦ Provincia de Los Andes:

    +56 9 7340 8012.
    ♦ Provincias de San Felipe y Quillota:

    +56 9 8511 2779.
    ♦ Provincias de Marga Marga y Petorca:

    +56 9 8829 1845.

    Horarios de atención:

    Lunes a viernes, 10:00 – 14:00 hrs.
    Para otros horarios, por favor contactarse y agendar previamente.

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